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PTSD Residential Treatment Facility Next Steps

Two weeks ago, American Seed & Oil Company and IJJ Corporation announced a partnership to build a residential treatment facility for U.S. Veterans with chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Treatment Facility plans include the use marijuana in the treatment protocol following the precedent being established by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment award of a $2 million grant to the non-profit Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for their planned study of marijuana for symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 76 U.S. veterans, approved by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.

The treatment protocol will also include resident participation in an education program teaching organic and sustainable farming skills to include sustainable and organic marijuana cultivation.

The purpose of this first in a series of blog entries is to communicate the planned steps and eventually the progress achieved toward the realization of the Residential Treatment Facility. 

First, let’s expand a bit here upon the vision of the center:

The United States has woefully inadequate treatment options available to veterans experiencing PTSD.  To put the inadequacy in perspective consider that the suicide rate in the United States is 19 males per 100,000 and 5 females per 100,000.  The suicide rate amongst soldiers and veterans is 38 males per 100,000 and 13 females per 100,000.  Keep in mind that less than one percent of the population of the United States serves in the military.

The first aspect of American Seed & Oil Company’s vision for a PTSD Residential Treatment is to make it financially self-sufficient. 

A. Self-Sufficient Through Education:  Various State, Federal and Private funds are readily available for accredited education programs.  By including education in the Treatment Protocol, one step toward financial self sufficiency is achieved by the overall expense offset that can be realized through accessing available education funds for Treatment Facility residents. 

B. Self-Sufficient Through Tourist Destination:  A second step toward financial self-sufficiency is achieved through the inclusion of the planned Residential Treatment Facility within a Napa Valley like vineyard environment.  American Seed & Oil Company anticipates a tourist economy to develop around the marijuana cultivation process similar to the tourist economy that surrounds viniculture. The initial target property for the Residential Treatment Facility is set in a scenic mountainous region of Vermont.  The idea is for the Treatment Facility to be collocated on a cannabis farm and processing facility designed to provide education opportunities for the residents while at the same time serving as a picturesque, entertaining destination for marijuana tourists.

C.  Self-Sufficient Through Residential Development:  One additional step toward financial self-sufficiency is inherent within the target property itself.  While the plan for the Residential Treatment Facility and Marijuana Cultivation Tourist Destination is designed around a one hundred acre property, the target property is actually two hundred acres in its entirety.  The development plan calls for building the Facility and Tourist Destination on half the target property and zoning the other half for high-end Residential Vacation Property Construction.  The proceeds from the sale of the Residential Vacation Properties would go toward an endowment intended to perpetuate the operation of the Treatment Facility. 

American Seed & Oil Company and IJJ Corporation Partnership

Within the partnership between American Seed & Oil Company and IJJ Corporation, American Seed & Oil brings the Treatment Facility and Tourist Destination plan and existing project momentum and IJJ brings the commercial real-estate finance experience and network.

To facilitate next and ongoing steps within the partnership, American Seed & Oil is planning the acquisition of its Vermont based operating partner, Vermont Sustainable Farming, LLC (VSF).  VSF and American Seed & Oil entered into an operation agreement earlier in 2014 to facilitate American Seed & Oil Company’s first hemp crop.  American Seed & Oil through its partnership with VSF has developed a number of relationships and business agreements with property owners, additional farmers, processing operations and universities to advance the Company towards its objectives in 2015 and beyond.  Accordingly, with the initial Treatment Facility and Tourist Destination target property in Vermont, VSF is a logical platform for American Seed & Oil and IJJ Corporation to construct their partnership.  American Seed & Oil anticipates holding a majority equity interest in VSF and IJJ anticipates holding a minority equity stake as well as a senior secured debt interest.

American Seed & Oil Company, IJJ Corporation and VSF expect to finalize the founding corporate structure upon which to advance the Residential Treatment Facility and Marijuana Tourist Destination within the next forty-five to sixty days.  IJJ Corporation anticipates concurrently structuring and engaging the investment capital necessary to acquire the target property and engaging pre-construction engineering and architecture activities.

Please check back regularly for updates on project plans and progress.