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Edward Bollen, Director 

Over 30 years with the U.S. government (USG) beginning with service in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Following active duty, worked with various military and law enforcement entities at the local, state and federal level (including the DEA).  On behalf of the USG, served as a "Contracting Officer Technical Representative " (COTR) working with USG contractors to develop specialized equipment, projects or designs.  Worked in U.S. intelligence community and the U.S. foreign service on the diplomatic front primarily in Africa and the Middle East.

Through USG experience and global business and foreign government network formed "Paladin Resolutions", a foreign business development consulting firm partnered with people and entities located all over the world.  

Paladin Resolutions is a global research and management consulting firm that partners with corporate executive clients on issues related to organizational research, business intelligence, related risk management assessments, and special project requirements. Paladin has experience and representation in North America, The Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and South America. Paladin Resolutions looks at every aspect of business; the problems, the solutions, the parallel issues and how to achieve a definitive resolution to these questions. Paladin has developed areas of expertise in the following industries:

  • International Marketing and Customer Development
  • Business Intelligence Collection
  • Assessment and Analysis
  • Diplomacy  
  • Negotiations and  Conflict Resolution
  • Physical Security
  • Industrial Security and Homeland Security Related Operations
  • Military and Law Enforcement Operations
  • Aviation and Maritime Services
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Response
  • Emergency Management and Response 
  • Logistics and Transport Services