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(ALGA) American Seed & Oil Company WANTS YOU To Be A Hemp Farmer In Vermont: No Experience and No Farm Required: Commitment To Sustainable Farming & Hard Work A Must


First 50 Applicants Receive An ‘Original Hempster’ Shirt 

The American Seed & Oil Company, a subsidiary of Algae International Group, Inc. (OTC: ALGA), announced earlier this week a strategy launched last January to enter the existing U.S. $500 million Industrial Hemp market. 

As part of that strategy, the Company today announced its campaign to recruit farmers in Vermont to grow hemp.

American Seed & Oil has already planted its first crop in Vermont, where growing hemp is legal under state law, and it plans to use the seeds from the first crop to supply additional new hemp farms next year.

American Seed & Oil is recruiting hemp farmers in Vermont for the 2015 growing season.  No experience required (though experience is a plus).  American Seed & Oil will teach new farmers what they need to know.  In fact, American Seed & Oil intends to not only supply recruited farmers with hemp seeds (not easy to find by the way), but also, if necessary, assist next year’s hemp farmers with finding and leasing farmland.  The Company plans to provide financing to help recruited farmers with leases, labor and equipment.  At harvest time, American Seed & Oil plans to purchase the harvested crops.

American Seed & Oil Company is a Veteran owned business committed to sustainable farming and dedicated to bringing hemp farming back to the U.S., starting in Vermont.  

Those interested in becoming an American Seed & Oil Company Hemp Farmer can signup at:

The first 50 people to sign up will receive The Original Hempster T-Shirt (pictured on the link above).

To learn more about the Company’s cannabis business strategy and the progress to date in the development of that strategy, visit the Company’s new American Seed & Oil Company website.  In particular, read The Introduction Of The American Seed & Oil Company found on the website to specifically learn about the Company’s current hemp crop and all three new cannabis industry subsidiaries.

About Algae International Group, Inc. and The American Seed & Oil Company, Inc. 

(OTC: ALGA) Algae International Group, Inc. first became interested in the cannabis opportunity last year while attempting to build a business to produce bio diesel from cold pressed algae oil. While the ‘promise’ of the cannabis market is great, the path to achieving the ‘promise’ is unclear.  An incubator improves the odds of success in an early and rapidly evolving market by building multiple, complimentary businesses with an initial strategy to explore market opportunity rather than to attempt seizing market opportunity prematurely.  Accordingly, the Company is starting with three incubated subsidiaries, and will continue to explore the introduction of additional complimentary subsidiaries. As subsidiaries develop to a viable stage of independence, the Company will spinoff such subsidiaries creating independent ROI opportunities for parent shareholders.


Learn more about the incubated subsidiaries at