Farming For America’s Future


Democratization of Hemp & Marijuana

The promise of a lucrative new industry is emerging around an exhilarating display of federal democracy as the 50 United States challenge Washington D.C. over the future of Hemp and Marijuana.  America stands to enjoy a surge of economic and environmental benefits from substantial job creation to a source of non-GMO nutrients.

Strategy: Incubation

While the ‘promise’ of hemp and marijuana is great, the path to achieving the ‘promise’ is unclear.  The vast majority of dot com companies launched in the 90’s to pursue gold within the future of the Internet economy failed.  Similar results are to be expected from the burgeoning number of hemp and marijuana startups today.  An incubator improves the odds of success by building multiple, complimentary businesses with an initial strategy to explore market opportunity rather than to attempt seizing market opportunity prematurely where the ‘market’ has not yet been defined.

Algae International Group, Inc.

(OTC: ALGA) Algae International Group, Inc. first became interested in the hemp and marijuana opportunity last year while attempting to build a business to produce bio diesel from cold pressed algae oil.  The resident cold press expert also had experience with cold pressing hemp oil.  While a less than expected market demand for bio diesel failed to ignite Algae’s bio diesel plan, the Company continued to explore the hemp oil business opportunity. 

Underserved & Misunderstood

The Company will pursue underserved sectors of the overall hemp and marijuana ecosystem. Seed is where it all starts and seed is hard to find. While a State may legalize growing, the Federal Government could be an obstacle when it comes to shipping seed through the U.S. Mail. The first incubated subsidiary will concentrate on growing hemp for seed and developing a distribution channel though the obstacles of the ongoing battle between the States and Washington D.C.


  • American Seed & Oil Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALGA
  • 2 State licensed hemp growers have been contracted and planting is complete
  • Development of a lab for cold pressing and testing cannabis oil and THC levels is underway 



Supplements & Edibles

A second incubated subsidiary is under development.  The Company is in negotiations with a major health supplement distribution company to develop a line of hemp health supplements.  The Company is also actively seeking partners to develop hemp based creams, lotions and serums.  The Company is currently engaged in conversations with a number of chefs to explore the development  of hemp infused recipes.

The Democratic Fray 

The sideline is no place to find leaders.  Leaders in the emerging hemp and marijuana industry will join the fray between the States and Washington D.C..  The third incubated subsidiary will be a hemp and marijuana lifestyle clothing business.  The lifestyle wear subsidiary, The Original Hempster will launch with a single t-shirt sold over the Internet.  With every sale, the Company will contribute financially to the legalization lobby effort.


Incubator Spinoff Strategy

The Company is starting with three incubated subsidiaries, and will continue to explore the introduction of additional complimentary subsidiaries. As subsidiaries develop to a viable stage of independence, the Company will spinoff such subsidiaries creating independent ROI opportunities for parent shareholders.